Avenue Station Construction Updates - December 11

December 11, 2017

Mining operations at the Avenue Station Secondary Entrance continue. Mining occurs on a 24hr schedule.
  • Crews continue to cycle through the 24hr excavation sequence. Some periodic jackhammering to break concrete is required.
  • Work is currently taking place on a 24/5 schedule, with scheduled relief on weekends.
  • Noise impacts to your building depend on how the vibrations travel through the soil and interact with the foundation and structure of your building.
  • Crosslinx Transit Solutions has implemented several noise reduction levels on site to mitigate the impact felt by the community due to mining activities. Enclosures are used to cover equipment like generators and pumps, silencers are used to reduce noise from fans, delivery routes and times are selected to minimize disruption, and alternate methods of breaking concrete are being tested – to name a few.
  • If you experience disruption from mining operations, please call our 24/7 phone line at 416-782-8118. 
    Please note, mining activities will not occur December 23 – December 26. Light mining operations will resume from December 27 – December 29. Regular schedule and operations resume in January 2018.
Construction activities outside the long-term set up continue to be active, and will for the coming months. Residents and businesses can expect to see the following daytime and nighttime work at various locations in the roadway or on the sidewalks between Braemar and Lascelles.
No street parking on the south side of Eglinton between Highbourne and Oriole Parkway.
Tunnel Backfilling – Concrete Pouring – Daytime Work
  • Concrete pouring will begin as early as Tuesday December 11. There are approximately 5 days of concrete pouring required. Approximately 2 days this week and 2 or 3 days next week.
  • Concrete pouring trucks will be present for 12 hours each day of pouring, approximately 8AM – 8PM.
  • A temporary work zone will be set up around the trucks as they pour, the barrels and fencing will be removed each day.
  • Once the concrete pouring is complete, the holes in the roadway and sidewalk will be restored.
  • Why backfill portions of the tunnels? The tunnel backfilling “plugs” the tunnels on either side of the area to be excavated. This protects the tunnels and the operation by ensuring the work is localized to the small section. 
Sewer Lining – 24 HR Schedule
  • Crews have made good progress on the sewer sections between Avenue Road and Oriole Parkway.
  • The work zone east of Avenue Road will remain in the roadway on the north side of Eglinton. Early this week, crews will reduce the size of the work zone by removing the trailers. 
  • The bypass pumping in this area is no longer required and crews will be working to remove the equipment. This means the equipment in the fencing west of Avenue Road will be removed this week. Additionally, there will be work in the Avenue & Eglinton intersection as crews remove the bypass equipment under the road plates and restore the roadway.
  • Crews will commence bypass installation east of Oriole Parkway. Most of this work will happen within the existing construction site, with the exception of the trench that will run across and up the Community Centre driveway. These trenches will be plated while the bypass is in place.
  • After this week, the remainder of the lining work (with smelly resin) will take place in January 2018.
  • The smell experienced as part of the sewer lining operation is from the resin used to cure the liner to the inside of the pipe. The resin uses a chemical called styrene. Styrene has a low odour threshold, which means you can smell it easily. This low odour threshold is not correlated to the toxicity of the chemical. While you may smell the unpleasant smell, it is not harmful. For more information, please visit the Toronto Public Health webpage about styrene used in this process.
Watermain Lining – 24 HR Schedule
  • Installation of the watermain bypass and temporary connection for affected properties will begin soon and last approximately 2 weeks.
  • The watermain lining work will last approximately 4 weeks, and once complete the bypass temporary connections to affected properties can be restored.
  • The section of watermain to be lined for the Secondary Entrance is connected to the properties on the north side of Eglinton between Avenue Road and Oriole Parkway.
  • Temporary connections will be installed through the laneway behind these properties, and two connection locations. The first is a connection to the standpipe in front of 288 Eglinton Avenue West, and the second is a connection to the hydrant in front of 250 Eglinton Avenue West.
Dewatering Work - Daytime Work  
  • The dewatering system will help remove ground water from the station area to help ensure stability as we complete mining operations underground.
  • Daytime dewatering installations will continue periodically until February 2018. 
  • Trenching continues west of Avenue Road; following that, crews will move east of Oriole Parkway. 
Monitoring Instruments (installations, surveying and monitoring) - Daytime Work  
  • Monitoring instruments give information about soil conditions during construction operations. This is an ongoing program; instruments will be continuously checked throughout mining operations.
  • Monitoring installations continue east of the Secondary Entrance.
  • Already installed monitors will continue to be checked frequently throughout construction.
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  • If you would like more detail about this work or any other aspect of the Eglinton Crosstown project, please contact the west community office at (416) 782-8118.

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